Free XBOX Live Titles for the Month of September

Like in all other months, XBOX Gold members will be gifted with four different games for their two flagship consoles, XBOX One and XBOX 360. Microsoft is giving away games on the base of their "Games with Gold program" which they have launched to compete with their PlayStation counterparts.

Download Free XBOX Games with XBOX Live  Account

XBOX One users can download Forza Horizon 5 Motorsport: Racing game of the year edition ( priced at 39 $) and Oxenfree ( priced at 19.99$ ) for free. The games will be open for download from September 16th through your XBOX Live Gold account.

Most of the digital versions of XBOX 360 games available through XBOX Live giveaways are backward compatible. That is, we can play the original XBOX 360 game on your brand new XBOX One or One S.

XBOX 360 will be offered with few other games during the first week of Septemeber. Hydro Thunder Hurricane is one of the two titles which is available in the first week of September till 15th of September. Another game which is up for grab is none other than Battlefield 3. BF3 a.k.a Battlefield 3 was one of the most downloaded game in the Battlefield series during the release. BF3 will have servers for playing the first person shooter online. So, I would rate it among the best grab of XBOX game for the month.

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